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Types of Pool Lighting

Are There Different Types of pool lighting?

Illuminating your swimming pool will not only make more attractive but usable throughout the day and evening. There are many options for pool lights. In order to determine what is best for you read on to find out a little bit more about each one.

Flush mounted vs surface mounted

First of all, there are two basic options of lights: flush mounted and surface mounted. A flush mounted lighting fixture will not protrude out from your pool wall. Surface mounted lights are best when attempting to retrofit a pool with lighting options. They protrude out from the wall of the pool and canned be susceptible to more damage than a flush mounted light.

Underwater LED pool light

LED lights are becoming very common with new pools because of their versatility. They are lower in cost and come in a variety of colors. The best and most economical time to install flush mounted underwater pool lights is during the construction. If you are adding lighting to an existing pool, then surface mounted lights are best.

Underwater halogen light

Halogen lights have been around for many years and are common in a large variety of pools they work very similar to LED lights however they may not last as long. Halogen light bulbs are less expensive than LED lights initially as well as are much more energy efficient.  They are available in both flush and surface mounted.

When it’s time to choose pool lighting, keep in mind the differences between surface and flush mounted and halogen and LED.  If you need pool repairs, upgrades or install call the experts at City Beach Pools.


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