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Building a New Pool

What should I consider before building a new pool?

Outdoor life in Florida is part of your year round lifestyle.  Installing an in ground pool adds value to your home while providing an entertaining area to spend time alone or with love ones having fun all year long. With that said, there are several important factors to consider before having a pool installed. Here are 5 questions you need to ask yourself and consider, before building a new pool:

What is your budget?

Before installing an in ground swimming pool you need to consider what your budget will allow for the materials necessary for creating the pool you desire. Your budget will determine the size of the pool, filtration system and materials you will be able to get. The typically price range for an in ground pool is between $30,000 and higher depending on the style, size and options- yes there are MANY options!

What type of in ground pool do you desire?

Next, you need to decide which type of in ground pool you desire. For example, you can have an in ground pool installed made from concrete and plaster, or one made from aggregate finishes. Other materials used to help create an in ground pool are fiberglass, pebbles and tile.

What shape do you want the swimming pool?

Once you decide what finish you want, you need to determine its shape. For example, do you want a rectangular, kidney, circular, or  custom shape pool?  Then, you need to decide the size of the swimming pool you want and what is going to work and flow best with your current landscape. Shape and size are important becuase they will determine how many gallons the pool will be- which will need to be consider in terms of cost of maintenance.

What type of filtration system do you want?

Another important part of a swimming pool installation is deciding what type of pool filtration system you want for maintaining the cleanliness of the pool water. The main type of filtration systems you have to choose from are cartridge, sand, and the D.E. You can discuss what type of filtration system that will work best for your particular swimming pool with the professionals installing your pool if you don’t have an idea of what kind you want. At CityBeach Pools we only use Pentair products as we have found them to outlast other brands with superior performance.

Do you want your swimming pool to have safety features?

Before the installation of your pool is complete, you need to decide if you want safety features installed with it as well. Some of the safety features you may want included are a fence around the pool to keep it locked up when it’s not in use, a pool cover too prevent drowning from occurring, or a pool alarm to alert you when someone has entered into the pool area. Keep in mind it may drive up the costs of your pool installation, but the cost of losing a love one due to drowning makes installing a swimming pool safety feature or features well worth every penny you spend.

What are some end thoughts to keep in mind for your swimming pool?

If you are undecided of the things you need to consider before building a new pool in your backyard it is best to speak with a pool specialist first. They can help you come up with the appropriate budget and pool style you desire with all the right features. After all, if you are going to spend a good amount of money on something you want to love and enjoy, it is important that you have the pool installed properly so it adds the value and necessities you wish. We are available to answer all your questions and help guide you to make the decision that works best for your family, and your budget! Give us a call at CityBeach Pools!



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