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Swimming Pool Finishes



There are many different types of pool finishes that can give you the desired color or look you are seeking. City Beach Pools offers a Marcite/Quartz finish and a pebble finish.


Marquis is a factory blended mixture of polymer modified cement, quartz aggregates and various admixes specifically designed for the interior of swimming pools. Added crystals can make your pool shimmer as though there are stars underwater. Custom colors are available.


MoonGems are aggregates that glow-in-the-dark and are charged by the sun and/or UV lights.
• In optimum lighting conditions, glow can last for up to 15 hours
• Best performance with UV pool lights
• Effortlessly added to any pool finish, mosaic mold or decorative structures like steps and tile borders


HydroGlass is a base mix program of factory blended polymer modified cement, multi-color polished glass and various admixes specifically designed for the interior of swimming pools.
• Finished polished surface is extra smooth
• Application time is half of standard glass bead effect finishes


Water color is all relative to the time of day and weather conditions. As you can see from the image, the same pool finish viewed morning, day and overcast afternoon can all appear as a different color scheme entirely. Since your pool water will mirror its surroundings, many other factors will impact water color:
  • The Design and shape of your pool
  • The time of day and position of the sun
  • Whether the sky is sunny or overcast
  • Your region of the country
  • The chemistry of your water
  • Colors in your home’s exterior
You can have mini and regular sized pebble finishes. You can also add pizzazz to your pool finish with a touch of glass! accented glass beads will transform your pool from a subtle sparkle to a dazzling shine.