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Swimming Pool Repair Replace or Resurfacing

How do you know if your swimming pool needs repair, replacement or resurfacing?

Does your pool look dull?  Is the surface too slippery?  Or do you want to change the color?  Perhaps there are some cracks or other damage.  You may be considering replacing your pool but there is also more cost effective option, resurfacing.  Resurfacing your pool will save you time and money over replacing your pool.

Cost of Repair or Resurfacing

The differences in costs between pool replacement and resurfacing are large ones, because of the types of work involved. Having to replace an in-ground pool will involve digging up and removing the old pool and replacing it with a new one. This is very costly because you are paying for the removal of an old structure as well as the installation of a new structure. On the other hand, resurfacing an existing pool is easier because the pool structure is already in place and no actual construction is required and therefore much more cost effective.

Time it takes to Replace a Pool

If you have a new pool installed it takes weeks, sometimes months.  First the yard is dug up and plumbing put it, then the pool and patio surrounding it.  It is a time consuming operation that could leave you sweating through the summer when you could be enjoying your resurfaced pool instead.  Resurfacing only requires a few days to a few weeks work depending on the size of the pool.  This will leave you with much more time swimming in your pool rather than looking at the construction from indoors.

Maintenance of a Resurfaced Pool

The reality of being responsible for any pool means that you have to keep up not only with the routine, scheduled maintenance.  Whether you have a new pool or a resurfaced one the maintenance routine is the same. Your pool will still need to be cleaned cared for regularly.  The surface would be new in both types as well so the upkeep on the surface would be the same.

Styles of Pools

If you choose to install a new pool, you will of course have many options to choose from in shape, color, depth, patio design, etc.  But did you know that there are several options for resurfacing as well?  You can change the color of your pool and even the material it is finished with.  The choices of material include marcite, pebble, fiberglass and quartz. With the variety of pool color options and the material choices, you can create your own custom pool surface and have the look and feel of a brand new pool.

If you are considering a new pool, you should think about pool resurfacing instead.  Not only will you save time, but you will save money as well.  Give CityBeach Pools a call today for a free consultation to see how we can make your pool look great again without putting a dent in your wallet!



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